Day: December 5, 2018

Top 5 Tips for Reading a Business Contract

Are you planning to launch a business? To begin with, ensuring that you are clear about the legal formalities for small businesses. Then there is one other talent to acquire and that is the ability to read and understand business contracts. Most contracts are verbose but every word in it should be clearly interpreted so as to understand any pitfalls and loopholes to be avoided.

Start with the easiest part

There are certain common statements and sections in the contract that would be similar to the contents of most other contracts. Starting with such basic clauses would make the work simpler. And in this step, also make it a point to read more and understand the terms that would be used in the contract, the legalese.

Draft before the final one

Even before you sit to sign the final contract obtain a draft copy. Also, buy some time for yourself so as to sit and thoroughly read through the contract. On a draft copy, you have the freedom to scribble, take notes, mark the ambiguous statements and the portions where you need more clarity.

It is always good to obtain a third pair of eyes

The issuing party would have already created the contract and you would have read the terms. But when you get a third person to read the contract you would also get a fresh perspective. It might help you capture the points that you might have possibly missed out.

Be clear about the scope

You should be clear about what is covered and what isn’t covered in the contract. Some contracts are so critical that they can even affect the operation of the business itself. So hiring a lawyer to assist you with understanding business contracts is a good idea.

Verbal promises are not good for businesses

Drafts could be revised any number of times. So always get the changes done in the written contract and do not accept verbal agreements even for the smallest and seemingly less important points.


How Coupon Companies Make Money

This was one of the doubts that were uppermost on my mind when I was only beginning to learn the ropes of couponing. I got initiated into it when my son was adamant that I buy him a video game that which was obviously not in my budget.

His birthday was slowly crawling up and I knew that it would be on the top of his wishlist. I had begun saving but I realized that even if saved big time by giving up smaller comforts there was no way I was going to be able to make him happy on the D day!

That was when I hit upon this concept:

Internet research can yield a lot of benefits. I began reading how people cut and stack coupons to get a good deal at shopping; clothes, grocery, gifts, services, it had everything covered!

But I wanted to know how these coupon companies make money. In order to be able to survive and pay their overheads, it is obvious that they need to make money too.

Couponing companies bridge the gap between the direct sellers and the consumers:

While they help distribute the coupons to the customers and increase the store or website traffic, the customers get great deals by cutting their coupons and availing the discounts on its face value.

It is undeniable now that I scourge couponing websites, I love doing this because in the past I got a great deal here and it is extremely dependable.

Here is how couponing companies make their money:

  1. Advertisements on their websites fetch them big income;
  2. The payment that they may receive from the direct sellers as a commission for the service;
  3. When consumers sign up for package coupon deals;
  4. Bulk sales of coupons can yield them considerable income;
  5. Affiliate programs that help them disburse the coupons on monthly basis with sales targets.

Deals and Coupons