The Best Tips to Pick the Perfect Name for Your New Company

When you are planning a new business do not ever make the mistake of thinking, “what is in a name?” because it is the name that will draw the clientele. You can, of course, name it after yourself, your children or your family but that is lame and boring. Here are a few tips to help solve the problem.

  1. Your company name must reflect what your company is about. It will be present on your letterheads, business cards, website and promotional material; it is the face of the company. Customers do not have the time to decipher a complicated name; hence, keep it simple and meaningful to your business.
  2. Brainstorm with your team for names. You can look into foreign languages, here thevoiphub will be useful, for that unique touch but remember the name must be in tune with your product. The words can be anything that describes the product or talks about the benefits of your product or means in which it is different from your competitors.
  3. The name must be memorable and easy to recollect and write. Names that are not familiar are often lost in the sea of new companies surfacing each day. Acronyms are a good place to start just ensure it is not anything that will hurt sentiments of people.
  4. Don’t choose names that will limit you; adding a geographical name to your company name, for example, will prove to be a hurdle when you expand beyond that region. Hence, keep your name open so that even when you expand you don’t have to change it to suit the new reach.
  5. And finally, even though URLs are not that popular anymore, you will still need them. Just make sure that the URL is not different from the name of the company or it will drive away from our audience as they will be confused with the difference in names.